New Product Information Sheets

As part of our marketing and rebranding programme, we have been working hard to design and build a new portfolio of Product Information (PI) Sheets, covering important elements of our customer offer.

The new PI Sheets describe in further detail the scope, key features and benefits for a selection of our products and services.  PI Sheets covering the topics listed below are available on request now and additional documents are expected to follow in due course.

  • Grignard reagents
  • Gases in solution
  • Speciality monomers and high performance polymers
  • Repackaging and re-labelling services
  • Warehousing and distribution services
  • Labelling and Safety Data Sheets

We have tried to set out the information as clearly as possible and we hope that customers will find them a useful insight into our manufacturing activities and service capabilities.

Posted on: Thursday, April 14th, 2016

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